Reporters baffled as Eric Trump shows up to FEMA meeting with his father
Eric Trump at FEMA meeting (Photo: Screen capture)

There are questions swirling why President Donald Trump's son Eric would be present for a meeting with the Federal Emergency Management Agency in wake of Hurricane Laura's landfall.

Videos and photos show Eric standing under the Exit sign in the room. He didn't say anything, he doesn't live in Texas or Louisiana, nor is he an expert in emergency response.

Earlier Thursday morning, Eric Trump appeared on "Fox & Friends" to complain about Democrats only talking about "COVID, COVID, COVID." It was only hours later that the fatality numbers of the coronavirus pandemic in the U.S. exceeded 180,000 Americans. In July it was anticipated that the U.S. would reach 200,000 deaths by Election Day. That number seems to have gotten worse, as it's now expected to reach 200,000 at least a month sooner.

See Eric in the video below: