Republican Chuck Hagel says Trump’s incompetency and corruption drove him to back Biden

Speaking on MSNBC this Friday, former GOP Senator and Secretary of Defense under the Obama administration, Chuck Hagel, was asked why he's supporting Joe Biden in 2020 after he publicly sat on the sidelines in 2016 without endorsing Hillary Clinton.

Hagel started out by clarifying that he's a Republican and that he hopes to continue to be one in the future. But today, it's different world than it was in 2016, he says.

"I am concerned about the future of the country, what's been happening the last three-and-a-half years, the incompetency, the corruption, the dangerous erosion of our alliances and our allies, of our trade, and that's why I've come off the bench and -- still a Republican, but I'm not the only Republican supporting Joe Biden," Hagel said.

Hagel was then asked how he'd make the case to other Republicans to support Joe Biden, even though they might be nervous about the left-wing elements in the Democratic Party.

"Joe Biden has a very clear record in the United States Senate and as vice president to President Obama for eight years," Hagel said. "So, you look at an individual's past. What has he done? What does he believe? How has he voted? What actually has he accomplished? What has been his position on the issues?"

"Joe Biden is fundamentally who he is and where he came from," Hagel continued. "All you need to do is just check his record."

Watch the segment in the video below: