‘Republicans think Americans are lazy and undeserving’: MSNBC panel tells Dems not to back down on unemployment stimulus
Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell (Screen Capture)

During an MSNBC panel discussion about the negotiations for the latest COVID-19 stimulus bill, the panelists couldn't help but note that the 2020 Republican campaign strategy failed them. Still, Democrats aren't taking the opportunity to use it against the GOP.

Comedian and host Dean Obeidallah explained that despite the Congress's efforts, foodbanks are still running out of supplies as lines grow and the numbers of those unable to pay their rent or mortgage are rising each month.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is negotiating with the White House on the next COVID-19 stimulus package, but both sides haven't been willing to budge. Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL), who spoke ahead of the panel, lamented that she too isn't sure what can be accomplished, but that he has hope that help is on the way for Americans.

Danielle Moodie, the host of the WokeAF Podcast, gave respect to Wilson but said that she doesn't think it's possible to "negotiate with terrorists and that's what I think he Republican Party is."

"They have no problem giving $500 billion to CEOs, shareholders and their friends with no strings attached but they believe that the American people are lazy. They believe that the American people don't deserve their own tax dollars back, right?" said Moodie. "So, what I think the Democrats can do is they can change their message and narrative, which is something they never seem to do. They need to say, 'Republicans think you're lazy. Republicans think you're undeserving. We, on the other hand, think that you need every bit of help so we can continue to conquer this coronavirus pandemics.' That's what Democrats can do going into this week going into the negotiating table with people who have no desire to negotiate."

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