One of the recently indicted members of the "We Build the Wall" crowdfunding campaign allegedly used money from donors to buy a ship that was seen last month participating in a "boater parade" in honor of President Donald Trump.

As flagged by New York Times reporter Evan Hill, the United States Attorney's Office for the Southern District of New York claims in its indictment that "We Build the Wall's" leaders funneled money from the crowdfunding campaign to illegally buy a wide array of luxury goods.

One of their purchases, according to SDNY, was "a 2019 Jupiter Marine boat named 'Warfighter,'" which was a 40-foot recreational boat.

Hill then notes that one of the co-conspirators listed in the indictment "used the boat he bought with illegally-siphoned 'We Build the Wall' funds to sail in the July 4 Trump boat parade in Destin, Florida."

Although the indictment doesn't specifically say who bought "Warfighter," it does claim that co-defendant Brian Kolfage made "payments toward a boat" with the hundreds of thousands of dollars he allegedly skimmed from the crowdfunding campaign.

The SDNY on Thursday morning unsealed its indictment of four "We Build the Wall" leaders, including Kolfage and former Trump White House political strategist Steve Bannon.