'Right-wing extremists' are responsible for 100% of political murders during last two years: CNN's Begala
Donald Trump yelling during the 2016 Republican National Convention/Screenshot

President Donald Trump's attempts to fear monger about crime and violence in American cities are not going to rescue his flailing re-election campaign, predicted CNN political analyst Paul Begala.

During a panel discussion about the 2020 election, CNN host Alisyn Camerota pointed out that Fox News has been blitzing its viewers with images of violence that's taken place during anti-police brutality protests.

Begala said that this will not help Trump, however, because all of this is happening on his watch.

"The chaos in this country is at the doorstep of Mr. Trump," he said. "He feeds off of it, he loves it, that's his brand. and i think that chaos redounds to Mr. Trump's detriment, and that's why Michelle Obama talked about it, President Clinton talked about it, and I think Joe [Biden] can talk about it. That chaos is everywhere, it's not just in Portland."

Begala also pointed out that right-wing terrorists over the past four years have had a far larger body count than antifa or any left-wing organization.

"When you talk about violence and gangs, I thought you were talking about Charlottesville!" he said. "100 percent of the political murders in the last two years were by right-wing political extremists, not left wing."

Watch the video below.