Right-wing OANN asks briefing question about Biden's VP pick — and Trump responds with accusations of ‘treason’
Donald Trump, pictured here at a press briefing, is warning Iran against attacks on US troops in Iraq MANDEL NGAN AFP:File

At Monday's press briefing, a reporter with the far-right One America News Network asked President Donald Trump what she called an "opinion question" — asking him to speculate whether former Vice President Joe Biden might choose ex-National Security Adviser Susan Rice as his running mate because she could help "cover up" the "Obamagate" conspiracy to use the intelligence system to sabotage him.

President Donald Trump proceeded to agree with the premise, and suggest once again that the vague, unspecified charges of "Obamagate" amounted to "treason" by the former administration.

"They got caught, and many have been involved ... Peter Strzok, Lisa Page, they all knew about this," said Trump. He added that it was the "political crime of the century ... let's see what happens to them all."

OANN reporters aren't even invited to the briefings by the White House Correspondents' Association due to their ongoing flouting of coronavirus safety rules, but White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany insists on allowing their attendance.