RNC speaker gets called out for botching US history – then gets called out again for lying about it

Congressional candidate Madison Cawthorn, 25, was called out for making a historical inaccuracy during his speech at the third night of the Republican National Convention, saying that James Madison signed the Declaration of Independence when he was 25-years-old.

But as many pointed out, Madison never signed the historic document.

In a post to Twitter this Wednesday, Cawthorn claimed that he was ad libbing when he made the flub.

"About the Madison mistake: I ad libbed that line and meant to say James Madison was 25 when the Declaration was signed," Cawthorn wrote.

But Cawthorn was quickly fact-checked again, this time by NBC News reporter Jane Timm, who pointed out that the inaccuracy was included in Cawthorn's prepared remarks.

"Cawthorn’s prepared remarks sent out by the Trump campaign include the error, along with inaccurate ages for what other presidents were doing in their 20s," she wrote.