Side-by-side video exposes Trump as he reads exact same script at multiple press briefings
President Donald Trump (Photo: Screen captures)

If President Donald Trump sounds like he's mindlessly rattling off random facts and figures on a monotone voice while reading another script that sounds like the same script before, there's a reason for that. The scripts have been almost identical on multiple occasions.

The Recount showed a mash-up of several different videos of Trump reading the exact same words about the COVID-19 pandemic and the United States "conducting more tests than any other country in the world." He also cites the exact same phrase for talking about the elderly dying of the coronavirus and how they can fast-track the vaccine for 100 million of the 330 million Americans in the United States.

While Trump is quoted more frequently for his Q&A session of the press briefing, there's a reason that the intro of the press conference has been ignored: it's too similar to previous briefings.

See the video from The Recount below: