The Lincoln Project seeks to peel wavering GOP voters away from Trump with $1 million ad blitz
Lincoln Project ad (Photo: Screen capture)

The anti-Trump PAC led by conservatives, The Lincoln Project, is gearing up to launch a million dollar digital ad campaign this Thursday, Yahoo News reports.

“We’ve ... been doing this with a purpose,” said Mike Madrid, a veteran GOP political operative who oversees LP’s political operations. “These ads have been running in limited runs as we check the analytics to see how the response is. And now, in the last 80, 90 days, it's all about execution. So we’re now putting the money and the firepower behind it in eight key States where we think it will make a difference by moving Republican votes.”

Yahoo News reports that the ad campaign will spend $1 million on "social media sites, direct email, and search engines to reach voters in Pennsylvania, Ohio, Wisconsin, Florida, Texas, Arizona, North Carolina, and Georgia."

“We call it realtime focus grouping because we get analytics back every day on how the ads perform with different voter segments. And then once we get that data, we take a look at it, we overlay it with our targeted swing counties, our swing demographics in the states, and now we're putting the muscle behind it to make sure that we're driving the message home to where we know it's going to have the greatest impact,” Madrid said.

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