Trump abruptly ends news conference after reporter points out contradictory statements on plasma treatment
Photo: Screen capture

President Donald Trump abruptly ended his press conference after a reporter asked for details about the emergency authorization of convalescent plasma from the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

FDA Commissioner Dr. Stephen Hahn's comments seemed to conflict with Trump's characterization during the short Sunday press conference. The reports are still coming in on the research, but Trump said he fast-tracked what he called the "bureaucracy."

"You have the treatment is safe and very effective, yesterday it was showing promising efficacy, so which of the two is correct?" Trump was asked by who appeared to be Washington Examiner reporter Rob Crilly, wearing a mask.

Trump refused to answer, handing it off to Dr. Hahn instead.

"Under our legal authority -- this is not the same as an approval, but it's an authorization," said Hahn. "It allows us to expand the access to this. We knew that for all of our emergency use authorizations. Remdesivir, which was authorized on May 1st, we're still collecting data, and we will continue to do that with plasma as well. It's the nuances of the language."

Dr. Hahn also refused to answer CNN's Jim Acosta asking if pressure was put on the FDA to approve it, whether it was ready or could be confirmed to work or not.

Trump left after taking just three questions, all from conservative outlets Fox News, OAN, and then the Washington Examiner.

See the video below: