Trump accuses Twitter of being 'negative' against Republicans -- 'especially' him -- after top trend highlights his failures
Milwaukee, Wisconsin / USA - January 14th, 2020: 45th President Donald Trump supporters using their smartphones to capture the Make America Great Again Rally at UW-Milwaukee Panther Arena

President Donald Trump is accusing the Twitter and its executive of being biased against Republicans, especially him, despite no evidence and the fact that for years he has been allowed to violate the social media platform's terms of service with impunity.

"It’s never a real Twitter Trending," Trump said, on Twitter, referring to the top issues people are tweeting about. "It’s Twitter Executive’s Choice. Only negative on Republican voices, especially mine!"

Trump's accusation comes just as "AND GOT CAUGHT" was trending on Twitter, highlighting Trump's failures. It was in response to Trump's own tweet, a lie, that he posted Wednesday night as former President Barack Obama was speaking at the Democratic Convention.