Trump called out by Wall Street Journal for encouraging armed supporters to swarm BLM protests
President Donald Trump (Screen cap)

The conservative Wall Street Journal editorial board on Monday issued a stern warning to President Donald Trump about stoking tensions in the wake of a deadly shooting in Portland, Oregon.

While much of the WSJ editorial blamed Portland Mayor Ted Wheeler for letting violence in his city get out of control, it also said that Trump needed to restore a sense of calm instead of egging on armed supporters to confront Black Lives Matter protesters.

"Mr. Trump would help Portland and his own political cause more if he called for calm on all sides," the editors write. "That includes his supporters who rolled into Portland for a counter-protest on Saturday. According to news reports, the man who was killed in the streets was wearing a hat for 'Patriot Prayer,' the right-wing group that sometimes clashes with Antifa."

The editorial added pointedly that "Mr. Trump should tell his supporters to stay away from Portland, Kenosha, Wis., and other cities where rioters reign."