Trump claims 'dogs are getting' mail-in ballots in wild attack on 'stupid people' at the post office
Donald Trump speaks from the White House's Cabinet Room (screen grab)

President Donald Trump on Monday defended his attempt to make changes at the U.S. Postal Service after Democrats said that he is trying to undermine mail-in voting.

During an interview on Fox & Friends, host Steve Doocy asked Trump to explain why he is "sabotaging" the postal service.

"No, I'm just making it good," the president insisted. "This has been one of the disasters of the world, the way it's been run. It's been run horribly. And we're going to make it good."

Trump tied his effort to "fix" the USPS to his distaste for mail-in voting. He went on to say that Amazon is the "biggest problem with the post office."

"They come and they drop all their mail to a post office -- not all of it, but a big percentage of it -- and they say, 'Here, you deliver it, you stupid people,'" the president ranted. "We're losing a fortune. And I said, you've got to raise the rates."

The president was also asked about concerns that he will not leave the White House if he loses the 2020 election.

"The first thing I think of is crooked Hillary Clinton," he replied. "The problem is she didn't accept it, she went crazy. She's still going crazy. I mean, she's gone nuts."

"I go by the election," Trump added. "Now with that being said, I have to tell you that if you go with this universal mail-in where you send millions of votes -- in California, tens of millions of ballots being sent to everybody and their dogs. Dogs are getting them, OK? People that have been dead for 25 years are getting them."

Watch the video below from Fox News.