Trump could capitalize on one of these four different factors to win the November election: political strategist
Donald Trump (Shutterstock)

On Thursday, writing for the conservative Never Trump website The Bulwark, political consultant Dmitri Mehlhorn — who infamously targeted Alabama judge Roy Moore's Senate campaign with unorthodox false flag methods — warned that President Donald Trump's re-election chances aren't dead just yet. He outlined four potential ways the president could beat former Vice President Joe Biden.

The first way, Mehlhorn argued, is if conventional factors like the convention or the debates hurt Biden's numbers, making the race closer. "If Biden’s national numbers fade in the face of a GOP onslaught or his own mistakes, it becomes possible for Trump to assemble an Electoral College victory by flipping some close states he lost to Clinton (e.g., New Hampshire, Nevada, or Minnesota) or holding the 'Blue Wall' and 'Sun Belt' states where Biden has recently been ahead."

The second way, Mehlhorn said, is if the coronavirus pandemic breaks down the election system, from scaring Democrats off voting, to disrupting low-income voters' lives with a wave of evictions, to mail-in ballots being rejected or misplaced in states implementing them at scale for the first time. "Systems of vote-by-mail and in-person voting, overwhelmed by COVID, could disproportionately hurt Biden by as much as 6 percent, meaning that his current 8 percent national lead could 'really' be only 2 percent when those issues are taken into account."

Third, Mehlhorn said, Trump and his allies could rely on straight-up authoritarian tactics, from intimidation at polling places, to GOP state legislatures forcing their electors to back Trump.

Fourth, Mehlhorn warned, "Recent evidence collected by the Brennan Center suggests that Russian interference has become more brazen in the run-up to 2020. We don’t know precisely how the Russians will intervene, but possibilities range from social media amplification of anti-Biden misinformation; to laundering money into the Trump campaign coffers via small dollar contributions from fake social media accounts or other proxy groups; to hacking voter rolls or voter tabulation software to scramble Election-Day logistics still further."

"We have arrived at a place where thinking through doomsday scenarios is not only prudent, but necessary," concluded Mehlhorn. "The president’s party has demonstrated over the course of four years that it has abdicated any respect for laws, rules, or norms, and is merely a vassal for this aspiring authoritarian."

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