Trump flip flopping on key COVID-19 decisions as he scrambles to create the impression he is ‘in charge’: analysis

Writing for POLITICO this Monday, Anita Kumar says that President Trump wants to appear as if he's taking charge, but his presidency is filled with red lines he always fails to enforce.

"He ordered states to reopen in the spring, only to extend national social distancing guidelines," Kumar writes. "He insisted he would have the Republican convention at full size, only to scrap much of the event. He suggested the election should be delayed, only to reverse course and declare it should actually be held early."

Another example of Trump backing down came in recent weeks when he threatened to withhold funding from schools that failed to reopen, but later toned down his rhetoric instead of confronting the schools that defied him.

The same goes for governors, mayors, lawmakers, judges, even his own administration officials -- all people that Trump has fought regarding his coronavirus response, only to later reverse course, back away from his initial stance, or simply move on to the next issue and declare victory, Kumar writes.

"Both supporters and critics say Trump wants to appear as if he is taking charge — even when he clearly lacks the authority to act — as he scrambles to find anything to latch onto while facing sinking poll numbers months before the election. He often changes his mind after he faces backlash or further weighs the politics of his actions," writes Kumar.

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