'Trump needs your money to pay his son's girlfriend': New ad knocks Trump for lavish spending of his donor's money
Donald Trum Jr. and Kimberly Guilfoyle (Instagram)

A brutal new ad from MeidasTouch was released on Wednesday afternoon aimed directly at President Donald Trump's supporters, who have been filling the campaign coffers at a time many are suffering.

The ad shows the tragic way that the economy has crashed since the coronavirus pandemic went ignored by the president for months.

"Trump is begging you for money," the ad says, showing screen captures of text messages the campaign has sent out to supporters over the past several months.

"Money to support Don Jr.'s girlfriend and Eric's wife," the ad continues, showing that both women make $180,000 each year working for the 2020 campaign.

"His hotels," the ad then says, showing that the campaign and the Republican Party have spent $17 million at Trump properties.

"Ferraris for his campaign manager," it goes on, showing that former campaign manager Brad Parscale has scored over $40 million from Trump, his campaign, and PACs.

"Golden toilets for Jared and Ivanka," the voice says, though it's unknown if the first family has golden toilets the way the president does. While Jared and Ivanka don't make a government salary, they have earned as much as $157 million together in the past year according to financial disclosures.

It closes by telling MAGA donors, "don't be Don's next con."

See the video below: