Trump officially declares TikTok a ‘national emergency’ — and declares ban on transactions in 45 days
Comedian Sarah Cooper (screengrab)

President Donald Trump has followed through on his threats against video sharing service Tik Tok.

The president wrote a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi announcing the executive order.

"Specifically, the spread in the United States of mobile applications developed and owned by companies in the People's Republic of China (China) continues to threaten the national security, foreign policy, and economy of the United States. At this time, the order takes action to address one mobile application in particular, TikTok," Trump wrote in a letter released by the White House.

"To deal with this threat, the order prohibits, beginning 45 days after the date of this order, to the extent permitted under applicable law, any transaction by any person, or with respect to any property, subject to the jurisdiction of the United States, with ByteDance Ltd. (a.k.a. Zìjié Tiàodòng), Beijing, China, or its subsidiaries, in which any such company has any interest, as identified by the Secretary of Commerce," Trump wrote.