Trump wants to 'pick and choose' which states can use mail-in voting based on partisan loyalty: CNN's Acosta
Donald Trump (Photo: By Nicole S Glass/Shutterstock)

On Wednesday's edition of CNN's "The Situation Room," chief White House correspondent Jim Acosta tore into the inconsistencies in President Donald Trump's crusade against voting by mail.

"At the very beginning of this briefing ... he was challenged on the statements he continues to make about the safety of mail-in balloting, the security of mail-in balloting," said Acosta. "The president continuing to try to paint this picture that you'll have massive fraud across the country and ... he is taking exception to how they're doing things in Nevada while supporting mail-in voting in Florida."

"One thing we should point out to our viewers," added Acosta. "The president has voted by mail. Other members of the administration have voted by mail. The president's family members have encouraged Trump supporters to vote by mail. The president sounds like he is trying to preemptively pick and choose which states get to do mail-in balloting, which a lot of Americans around the country will say is just not fair."

"In his words, he says it is going to be a disaster, but he seems to say if there is a Republican governor, like in Florida, mail-in balloting is fine," said anchor Wolf Blitzer. "If there is a Democratic governor, like Nevada, it is really bad."

"That's right," said Acosta. "Obviously that is not the system we have in this country, where the president gets to pick and choose which states get to have mail-in voting based on who is in the state house and the governor's office at any given point in time."

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