Trump will be featured on 'every day' of the GOP's 2020 convention: WSJ
Donald Trump yelling during the 2016 Republican National Convention/Screenshot

There will be no escaping from President Donald Trump at this year's Republican National Convention.

The Wall Street Journal reports that convention planners are saying the president will "be actively incorporated throughout the four-day convention, including one day when the president will honor doctors, nurses and other workers on the front line of the COVID-19 pandemic."

Traditionally, presidents have only spoken on the final night of the convention, when they accept their party's nomination for the White House.

This year, however, it seems that the GOP wants to have Trump in the spotlight every day for four straight days.

WSJ also reports that the RNC "will feature speeches from the president’s four oldest children and first lady Melania Trump," which means there will be no shortage of members of the Trump family at this year's festivities.

As if this weren't enough, WSJ says that Trump's campaign "is planning to feature former residents from Cuba or Venezuela... who will admonish the policies of the Democratic Party, which the president has compared with socialism."