Trump will still have '77 days to wreck America' even if he goes down in flames: columnist
President Donald Trump (Screen cap)

President Donald Trump won't stop being a danger to the United States even if he loses the 2020 presidential election decisively.

Writing in The Daily Beast, columnist Eleanor Clift argues that the president will still have "77 days to wreck America" in between the time where votes are counted and Democratic nominee Joe Biden is sworn in as America's 46th president.

"There is a body of law governing the transition between administrations, but it is built on the assumption that the parties involved will cooperate," she writes. "What Trump might do is no joke and could have serious ramifications on his successor’s ability to govern -- which of course is the point."

Clift goes on to interview former Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta, who offers some ways that Trump could use the transition period to cripple Biden's presidency before it even begins.

Among other things, Podesta said that the Trump administration could intentionally keep the incoming Biden team in the dark about its policy maneuverings, which would set up a number of landmines for the Biden administration to step in the minute they enter the White House.

"You deny them eyes on what’s going on, you blind them from knowing what’s happening for those few months," Podesta explained.

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