Trump's coronavirus messaging is as inept as ever even after his 'shift in tone': op-ed

Writing in the Washington Examiner this Tuesday, Kaylee McGhee says that despite some segments of the media claiming that Trump has shifted his "tone" in regards to the coronavirus pandemic, his messaging on the subject is still as inadequate and inept as ever.

That ineptness is having an effect on support for Trump amongst his base, as evidenced by the tanking of his approval numbers -- a development that has caused Trump to change his approach. But as McGhee points out, it's too little, too late.

As we saw in Trump's recent Axios interview, he’s "still struggling to provide a clear, sober, and competent message that addresses people’s concerns while restoring their trust in the government’s ability to fight this virus," McGhee writes. "This shortcoming will not go unnoticed by the American public, and come November, they might decide to do something about it."

Read the full op-ed over at The Washington Examiner.