Trump's new ad campaign falsely paints him as an anti-war peacenik

The Trump campaign is launching a new ad blitz that tries to paint a picture of President Trump as some sort of anti-war peacenik. But as Gizmodo's Matt Novak points out, the ad also mentions that Trump likes to dabble in targeted assassinations.

"In fact, those assassinations are central to Trump’s idea of 'peace,' and in many ways, Trump’s entire foreign policy stance seems to be a 21st century version of President Eisenhower’s covert actions in Iran, Cuba, and Guatemala," Novak writes.

The ads, which feature phrases like “Make Peace Not War” and “Support Peace” in 1960s-style hippie lettering, look like a "10-year-old kid trying to do a school art project about the 1960s," according to Novak.

"Trump is far from a peacenik," Novak continues. "In fact, he’s bragged about selling billions in weapons to authoritarian countries like Saudi Arabia (against the wishes of Congress), and assassinated a top Iranian military leader named Qassem Soleimani earlier this year, leading many to wonder if the U.S. was trying to start a war with Iran. Just yesterday, we learned that Elliott Abrams will be overseeing the Trump regime’s policies in Iran. Abrams is perhaps best known as the guy who was convicted of lying to Congress about the Iran-Contra Affair during the Reagan administration."

Not to mention Trump's expansion of the drone program overseas and his deployment of the largest non-nuclear bomb in the U.S. arsenal, known as the mother of all bombs (MOAB) in Afghanistan -- "In some ways, Trump’s 'peace through assassination and overwhelming force' is an appeal to nostalgia, whether his advisors know it or not," Novak writes.

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