'Trumpster' berated by store workers for wearing mask over his eyes -- he responds by calling them 'sheep'

A man in Utah this week was caught on camera wearing a face mask over his eyes at a local grocery store, only to get berated by several angry employees who eventually had him removed.

Local news station Fox 13 Now reports that that the man walked into a Smith's grocery store in Cedar City, Utah wearing a mask over his eyes in an act of defiance of the store's face mask policy.

The video shows employees walking up to the man and asking him why he wasn't following signs that said all customers have to wear masks while shopping.

“I’m wearing a mask,” the customer replies.

“You’re not wearing your mask properly,” an employee tells him.

“It doesn’t say properly,” said the customer.

After more confrontation, multiple employees surround the man and demand he leave the store.

"Trumpster, just leave," says one. "Just leave!"

"Get your ass out of this store!" says another.

As he's being escorted out, the man can be heard mocking the employees by making sheep noises.

Watch the video below.