'Wake up and read some history': Joe Scarborough blasts 'stupid' Trump in epic rant
Joe Scarborough (MSNBC)

On MSNBC Tuesday, Joe Scarborough ripped into President Donald Trump's ignorance, and outlined how it is threatening the entire country, telling him to "wake up and read some history."

"I remember talking to them. I remember other people going and talking to them, and Jared's opinion and Donald Trump's opinion was we don't need to know history because look what happened in the past," said Scarborough. "In fact, they were saying they didn't even need to know about Middle East history. You know, tried to talk to Jared about 1967 boundaries, about the '73 war, about Camp David, just about all of it. And the attitude remained, I don't need to know about history, stop talking about what's been done in the past because everybody failed."

"If you had just listened to what General Mattis said, and other advisers were trying to tell you, we'd be in a much better place right now," said Scarborough. "But no, you had your own ideas about North Korea ... you were stupid enough to believe you could go over there and talk to a communist who put people through paper shredders, you were stupid enough to believe you could play Apprentice with him. You got used and fooled, and America is in more danger today from North Korea than ever before. You thought you could invite the Chinese over to Mar-a-Lago for dessert. Oh, isn't this good dessert? You thought you are going to win over President Xi? You followed him along like a little puppy dog."

"That's the thing, Donald," added Scarborough. "You create your alternative realities, the rest of us live in the real world. We can look at our Google machine and see that Joe Biden wrote an op-ed and that said, Mr. President, we're not ready for this pandemic, we're not ready for this pandemic. You need to listen to your doctors and you need to listen to your scientists and you need to follow their advice or we are in trouble. You didn't do it."

Watch below: