WATCH: Anti-masker goes on bigoted rant then unzips his pants in department store meltdown

A man who refused to wear a face mask at a Marshall's department store went on a bigoted rant against store workers and then was caught on camera unzipping his pants.

Local news station ABC 7 reports that police are investigating Bay Area resident Tim Gaskin for potentially exposing himself to store employees during an angry rant in which he insulted employees at a Marshall's in Campbell, California, after they asked him to wear a mask.

In the exchange caught on video, Gaskin tells employees that they will have to pay a $75,000 fine if they kick him out of the store for not complying with its mask policy.

"What's your dumb f*cking f*ggot problem?" he tells a store worker. "You don't know the law? That's how stupid you are... It's a $75,000 fine. Dumb Mexican guy here doesn't know because he doesn't speak English."

Shortly after this, the man could be seen unzipping his pants, although Captain Ian White of the Campbell Police Department tells ABC 7 that "there is no clear-cut exposure in the video."

Watch ABC 7's coverage of the incident below.