WATCH: British TV host shuts down GOP official over Trump's coronavirus misinformation

During Monday's edition of Good Morning Britain, host Adil Ray clashed with American lawyer and Republican Party official, Harmeet Dhillon, challenging her on the contention that the media sometimes takes President Trump's words "out of context."

“Which bit of 'out of context' do you mean when we have the leader of America, probably the biggest leader in the world, talk about disinfectant?" Ray asked Dhillon. “Recommending we take certain drugs that medical professionals will be so against? What bit of out of context are we not getting?”

Dhillon tried to argue that Ray's framing of the question was a based on a lie, but was immediately interrupted by Ray.

“So are you recommending that now, are you saying we should be taking that?” Ray asked.

"I'm not a doctor," Dhillon replied,

“Neither is Donald Trump," Ray shot back.

Watch the full exchange in the video below: