WATCH: Florida Trump supporters waving Confederate banners clash with BLM protesters
Image via Facebook/Eddie Dorman.

A video filmed by a supporter of President Donald Trump and posted to Facebook on Monday and picked up by TMZ shows a group of right-wing demonstrators in Keystone Heights, Florida, shouting angrily at a small group of Black Lives Matter protesters.

The pro-Trump demonstrators were carrying Thin Blue Line flags, Confederate battle banners, and Trump 2020 banners. One man held a sign that said "Burn Loot Murder = BLM."

"You're racist against my white heritage," shouted one of the demonstrators. When he noticed one of the Black Lives Matter supporters holding a sign that said "Start Healing," he yelled, "We ain't hurt you yet, motherf**kers. We can get you something to heal up motherf**ker real quick."

Watch below: