WATCH: Portland police in riot gear deploy teargas and then slash tires of medical van
Portland police slash tires of Timbers Army medical van while a protester attempts to stop them (Twitter/Mathieu Lewis-Rolland/@MathieuLRolland)

Law enforcement officers in Portland, Oregon were seen on video slashing the tires of a medical support vehicle.

According to reports from the scene, the van was providing medical support to anyone injured in the ongoing protests. The vehicle was said to have been repurposed from Timbers Army, a fan group backing a local soccer team.

"Just witnessed PPB riot police stab the wheels out of a medic van as it tried to drive away in accordance with their orders," one photographer noted on Twitter.

Video shared on social media shows riot police using tear gas to clear a street where the vehicle was parked. Before the vehicle can leave, an officer jabs a knife-like object into the tires.

The driver of the vehicle was not arrested, people at the scene said.

Watch the video and read the reports below.