WATCH: Students cheer trombone player as he drowns out man's rants about 'thug' BLM demonstrators

A freshman trombone player at the University of South Carolina earned cheers from his fellow students last week after he used his instrument to drown out the rants of a man who was on campus to accuse Black Lives Matter demonstrators of being "thugs."

Local news station WLTX reports that freshman student Trey Hogan brought his trombone to an anti-BLM demonstration that took place on campus this week in which the main speaker, who came to campus with a sign that accused BLM demonstrators of being "racist thugs," frequently yelled "racial and homophobic slurs towards students."

Every time the man spoke into his megaphone, Hogan would respond with loud, dissonant blasts of noise from his trombone -- and the students around him cheered.

“I just had the idea to drown his sound out with mine, so I got my trombone and... I was kind of hesitant at first, but then everyone supported it,” Hogan told WLTX. “He was saying some pretty hateful stuff, and I just didn’t agree with any of it.”

Watch the video below.