WATCH: Trump supporter boasts of 'barely' ever wearing condoms -- and says that's why he'll never wear a mask

A supporter of President Donald Trump this week boasted that he "barely" ever wears condoms -- and he linked this to his defiance over wearing a face mask during the coronavirus pandemic.

As recorded by Right Wing Watch, Trump super fan Brenden Dilley, who is described as a "MAGA life coach," said during a podcast this week that nothing will convince him to wear a face mask.

"I don't wear a mask for flu season," he said. "I don't wear a mask for f*cking cold season."

He then went on to draw analogies between his refusal to wear masks and his past sexual exploits.

"B*tch, I've got three kids, I barely wore condoms when I had them," he said. "It's like, I'm not wearing a mask! I ain't doing it! It's bullsh*t!"

Watch the video below.