WATCH: Trump's repeated claims about 'hoaxes' thrown back in his face in new ad

A new ad from progressive PAC MeidasTouch takes President Donald Trump's repeated claims about "hoaxes' and throws them back in his face.

The ad starts with Trump's claim about climate change being a "hoax," and then shows how global temperatures have continued to increase, as have deadly floods and wildfires.

It then shows Trump calling the investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election a "hoax," before showing all of the president's associates who are now convicted felons as a result of the probe.

And finally, it shows Trump telling rallygoers earlier this year that Democrats' criticism of his handling of the novel coronavirus is "their new hoax" -- and then shows how infections and deaths have surged ever since.

"The hoax is coming from inside the house," the ad declares, while showing a photo of the White House.

Watch the ad below.