WATCH: COVID truther goes on wild rant about communism after getting pulled over by cops

A South Carolina woman this week was caught on video going on a wild rant about Jesus and communism after a police officer pulled her over because her anti-vaccination signs were completely obscuring her car's rear window.

The video shows that the woman was driving a car that was covered in signs that protested not just economic shutdowns, but also simply testing people for COVID-19.

After the officer pulled her over, she demanded to see his badge number and started yelling at him.

The officer tried to calm her down and told her there was no reason to be upset.

"Oh, no reason to get upset just because we're in communist Greenville, South Carolina?!" she yelled back. "I am not being disorderly! I have freedom of speech! You're being disorderly!"

The officer gave the woman his badge number, after which she complained that she was being given a citation for driving a car with an obstructed view thanks to the anti-vaxxer signs on the rear of the vehicle.

"Jesus is more powerful than you!" she yelled at the officer. "I'm on my last leg! Citation [for] $87 or my license [gets] suspended?! I'll see you in court... and I'll pray for you in the meantime!"

Watch the video below.