'Wrong!':  Trump launches fresh attack on Fauci over testing numbers
Donald Trump and Dr. Tony Fauci (screengrab)

President Donald Trump publicly disputed the country's leading infectious disease expert on Saturday.

On Friday, Dr. Tony Fauci testified before Congress. He was asked why cases were declining in European countries while the United States has seen a surge.

"If you look at what happened in Europe when they shut down or locked down or went to shelter-in-place, however you want to describe it, they really did it to the tune of about 95-plus-percent of the country did that," Fauci explained.

"When you actually look at what we did, even though we shut down, even though it created a great deal of difficulty, we really functionally shut down only about 50%, in the sense of the totality of the country," he continued.

Trump, after returning from the golf course, disputed Fauci's explanation.

"Wrong! We have more cases because we have tested far more than any other country, 60,000,000," Trump argued.

"If we tested less, there would be less cases," he falsely claimed. "How did Italy, France & Spain do? Now Europe sadly has flare ups. Most of our governors worked hard & smart. We will come back STRONG!"