‘You’re withholding information and concealing documents’: Top Democrat threatens DeJoy with subpoena
Louis DeJoy and Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) (Screen Captures)

House Oversight and Reform Committee Chair Carolyn Maloney (D-NY) slammed Postmaster General Louis DeJoy Monday morning, accusing him of withholding information and concealing documents from Congress, and downplaying the damage he's caused. She threatened him with a subpoena if he did not comply with her request.

"I'm concerned why we didn't receive any of this information and I have to just say that, Mr. DeJoy we sent our letter, two days after you received this briefing, and this document," Chairwoman Maloney said, referring to an internal document detailing logistical changes he implemented or stands behind. It was a "presentation prepared for the Postmaster General," Maloney minutes earlier had informed DeJoy.

"It must have been fresh on your mind. There's absolutely no excuse for concealing it and withholding this information from the committee or from your testimony before the Senate when you expressly asked questions about the information in the document. And, unfortunately, this committee received it from someone else."

"So Mr. DeJoy, you're withholding information from us, concealing documents and downplaying the damage that you're causing. So, let me close with this. This committee expects a full and complete production of all the documents we requested, no later than this coming Wednesday. And if you continue to withhold information or otherwise fail to comply, you can expect a subpoena."