COVID-denying pastor says California lockdowns are just like the 'false science of the Nazis'

A COVID-denying California pastor who has repeatedly defied lockdown orders accused Governor Gavin Newsom of being just like Hitler, The Friendly Atheist reports.

Pastor John MacArthur of Grace Community Church in Sun Valley appeared on The Eric Metaxas Show this Wednesday, and said that what's happening in California is just like the "false science" utilized by Nazi Germany.

"Hitler used false science," MacArthur said. "Hitler used false science about race as a people, about Black people and about Jewish people. He tried to basically use that false science to lock down the Reichstag in Nazi power. That is essentially what’s happening in California, and even across the country. The false science of this virus is being used again as a club by the governor of California and others across the country to affect the political change they want to see."

Writing for the Friendly Atheist, Hemant Mehta points out that the comparison is ridiculous.

"Hitler’s use of false science allowed him to murder millions of people," Mehta writes. "Democrats’ use of the best available science is allowing them to save lives. There’s no comparison. MacArthur is just going to extremes because he has no actual defense. He’s a death cult leader who doesn’t realize it."

Watch the video below: