'About to lose your job': Nebraska man faces backlash for truck with obscenely racist 'Trump 2020' sign
Truck spotted in Nebraska with racist "Trump 2020" message (Twitter)

A Trump supporter is facing backlash online after his truck was allegedly spotted with a racist Trump 2020 campaign message.

A photo of the "Trump 2020" sign was posted by Twitter user Ravi Mahapatra. The sign included a racist phrase followed by "Trump 2020."

After obtaining the truck's license plate, social media users identified the owner as Austin J. Cordis. Raw Story was not able to independently confirm the driver's identity.

Cordis' Facebook page was inundated with negative comments.

"Why are you such a loser?" one commenter asked.

"Congrats, your racism made twitter," another noted.

"Don’t be shocked if you’re out of a job soon," one person advised.

"As a relocated born and raised Nebraskan- people like you are the reason folks everywhere else assume all of us are backwater, slack-jawed, redneck fucking yokels," another commenter wrote.

After some users speculated that Cordis worked for John Deere or another related company, AKRS Equipment insisted in a comment that neither company currently employs the person in question.