America under Trump is now an 'object of pity' throughout the world: Ex-White House official

Former Trump National Security Council staffer Fiona Hill told CNN's Jim Sciutto on Tuesday that the United States under President Donald Trump evokes "pity" from people around the world instead of respect.

In talking about Russia's efforts to sow division in the United States ahead of the 2020 presidential election, Hill told Sciutto that America's foreign adversaries don't have to do much to create fear and mistrust in America right now.

"So I have to say very bluntly to everybody who's watching and listening to this, we are increasingly an object of pity, including by our allies," she said. "They're shocked by how we eat ourselves alive with our divisions. We are creating this -- it is not the Russians or the Chinese!"

Hill's remarks also came on a day when the United States' COVID-19 death toll surpassed 200,000 people, which is the largest death toll of any country in the world.

Watch the video below.