Anderson Cooper: If Trump willing to suck up to Bob Woodward — what did he say to Putin?
Anderson Cooper (Photo: Screen capture)

CNN host Anderson Cooper walked through some of the horrifying information of the new book from Bob Woodward about President Donald Trump.

In the book Rage, Woodward describes some of the things that Trump bragged about like his letters to Kim Jong Un and his communications with other world leaders.

At one point in the interview, Trump boasted that there was an advanced nuclear weapons system that he'd been building.

Cooper called the details "surprising," but noted that it became clear Trump was trying to build himself up to Woodward. If Trump was willing to gloat about his power to Woodward, "what did he say to Kim Jong Un? Or [Russian President Vladimir] Putin when nobody else was in the room and he wanted to impress them?"

"It's an interesting point," agreed special correspondent Jamie Gangel. "These 18 interviews happened two in the Oval Office, and one in Mar-a-Lago, but the rest were phone calls from the residence late at night. Sometimes Trump would unexpectedly call Woodward at night. Normally, the White House in a normal White House tape records interviews with reporters. I have a feeling that the White House does not know a lot of what President Trump said in these interviews to Bob Woodward."

See the video below: