Anthony Scaramucci demands to know what happened to $200 million the Republican Party funneled to Trump
Anthony Scaramucci (CNN)

Former White House aide and campaign adviser to President Donald Trump seemed to indicate that there was some kind of questionable misuse of funds at the Republican Party.

MSNBC's Chuck Todd on Tuesday asked Scaramucci about Trump's campaign funds running dry after spending nearly $1 billion to still be losing up against former Vice President Joe Biden.

"He's supposedly thinking about putting his own money in," said Todd. "A lot of skepticism by many of us that he'd actually write his own check. You know this as a donor. How much harder is it for you to write a check to somebody's campaign committee if you know they're as wealthy as you are?"

Scaramucci, who has now turned against Trump, said that he made the same case to Trump in 2016. Trump said that he was fully funding his campaign then, but after winning the primary, Trump started asking donors for money. Now, Trump is relying on funders for his legal fund, a super PAC and his campaign, despite claiming to be a billionaire.

But Scaramucci indicated that there was something more important being ignored.

"I think the real question, though, is, what happened to the $200 million-plus that went into the LLC?" he asked. "I'm asking Ronna Romney McDaniel where is the money? It's sort of a joke at this point. We know they're grifting off the campaign. The president will never write a personal check into that campaign, and we know that they spend gajillions of dollars in his hotels to fortify him. It's a sickening thing, Chuck. I don't like it at all. I haven't written a lot of checks since 2016 as a result of this. They have really exposed the dark side of this sort of fundraising."

Scaramucci seems to be referencing the buckets of money that the Republican Party has given to Trump's properties over the past four years. It adds to questions about international leaders, corporations and other influencers giving money to Trump's properties to garner favor with the U.S. president.

Trump has spent $60 million on legal defense and $11 million for a Superbowl ad earlier in the year. Trump has blamed the coronavirus, saying that he has had to buy more ads to fight "fake news" about the virus, which is false as evidenced by the fact that none of Trump's commercials are have addressed the virus.

Scaramucci also addressed the accusations that Trump disparaged fallen soldiers as "suckers" and "losers." He claimed that Trump would never ask Gen. John Kelly to deny the conversation because he knows that it is true.

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