Anti-masker doctor flashes gun during video chat: 'I'd rather be carrying a gun than masking up'

A California physician is the subject of controversy after he appeared in a video waving a handgun, saying he'd rather carry a concealed weapon than wear a mask, the Los Angeles Times reports.

Dr. Jeff Barke of Newport Beach has been a vocal opponent of mask wearing and has called for the reopening of schools and businesses. The video, which took place on September 16, also features anti-masker Peggy Hall. At one point in the conversation, Barke pulled out a 9-millimeter handgun.

“I live in Orange County, so I carry this wherever I go,” he says. “This is what I carry when I’m out in public to protect others and protect the public.

“I’d rather see somebody carrying a concealed [weapon] than masking up,” he adds. “I think that’s better for the public than anything.”

In the wake of Barke's comments, Hoag Hospital officials released a statement distancing themselves from the physician, clarifying that he's not an employee and that his personal views are "inconsistent with those of all recognized medical and scientific organizations."

Watch the video below: