Apocalyptic 'hellscape' of San Francisco as the Bay Area glows with fire
The Embarcadero in San Francisco blanketed by a smokey and orange sky (Photo: Screen capture)

The California fires have finally reached close enough to San Francisco that the city is now blanketed in a deep orange "hellscape" according to one person who took photos and videos.

Like an apocalyptic scene out of "Blade Runner," but ash is falling down like snow across the state and into Nevada.

The acreage burned is setting records, marking the second, third and fourth-largest fires in California state history. The fires in California and Oregon are so large that the smoke and flames can be seen from space.

To make matters worse, the heatwave is still plaguing the state and Santa Ana winds are beginning to ramp up, propelling the fires more across the western region.

About 39 million Americans are now under red-flag fire warnings.

See the shocking photos and videos below: