Biden is thrashing Trump on Social Security cuts -- all thanks to the president's own executive order
Donald Trump speaks at the White House (CNN/screen grab)

President Donald Trump last month issued an executive order that deferred collection of payroll taxes -- and then he pledged to completely eliminate the tax if he gets re-elected in November.

The problem for the president, however, is the payroll tax is used to fund Social Security, which has given Democratic rival Joe Biden the opportunity to hammer him for defunding an incredibly popular safety net program.

As The Daily Beast reports, Biden's campaign earlier this month released a new ad that "bludgeoned Trump directly on... Social Security" and warned that his proposed payroll tax plan would leave the program "permanently depleted" in just a few years.

One Biden campaign official tells The Daily Beast that Trump's threats to Social Security funding will be a key plank for locking down older voters who might have otherwise supported the president, particularly in the crucial swing state of Florida.

"We see a huge opportunity among the senior population in Florida and have been working hard since day one to both educate our voters about how they can cast their early ballot, and engaging with and having meaningful conversations with those who have soured on the president in the last four years,” the official said.