'Biden won': Fox Business host gives Kayleigh McEnany bad news about Trump's debate
Stuart Varney and Kayleigh McEnany (Fox Business/screen grab)

White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany insisted on Wednesday that President Donald Trump came out on top against Democratic nominee Joe Biden in Tuesday night's debate.

McEnany was asked about Trump's performance by Fox Business host Stuart Varney.

"He thinks he won the debate?" Varney wondered. "Does he think that?"

"Yes, he does," McEnany replied. "He was in very good spirits. He brought the fight that I think the American people wanted to see."

"President Trump took on the role of both the media, what they should be doing, and a candidate sharing his record with the American people," she opined.

"However, his style, the frequent interruptions," Varney countered, "the frequent interruptions and the talking over everybody, that was a lot from President Trump. And I think that's what the audience didn't like and will turn off."

McEnany argued that Trump's "offense style" was necessary to get answers from Biden.

Varney redirected: "What's your response to this? Biden won simply because he got through the whole 90 minutes, no gaffe, no senior moments, no lack of focus and reasonable amount of energy all the way through. Therefore, he survived, he won."

"That's a really subjective interpretation," McEnany complained. "I would consider it a pretty big gaffe when asked about antifa, an organization that has killed Americans and targeted police officers, and there's no condemnation of that group. I consider that a pretty big gaffe along with many others."

"The media was dying to write the headline this morning, 'Joe Biden prevails, Joe Biden exceeds expectations,'" she added. "Notably, you don't see those headlines out there. Instead you're seeing the question, should there even be two other debates. That's a question a loser asks, not someone who thinks they won the debate."

Watch the video below from Fox Business.