Black man takes N-word spewing racist to school -- and makes him promise to never do it again
Group of men debate race in clash on a dock (Photo: Screen capture)

When a racist White guy at a marina shouted out the N-word at a group of Black men, he probably didn't count on their response being a history lesson, but that's precisely what happened.

While President Donald Trump is claiming that Black community members are beating and killing White racists and responding with general violence, the two men showed a different reality.

"What made you say it?" the men asked.

The white guy shrugged.

"You that racist?" one of the men asks.

"Uh, no, I--" the White guy tried to answer.

"Then why would you call us a n*gger?" one of the men asks.

"I didn't mean to, I was just irritated--" the White guy replies.

"But you did, though," one of the other men replies.

The video cuts, showing the White man's face closer, as a pointing finger appears. "Don't do it again," the man says. "We are not our f*cking ancestors, do you understand?"

"I know," the White guy says.

"Do you understand? I will baptize you in that water behind you," the Black man threatens. He goes on to encourage the White man to visit their church.

See the video below: