California sheriff's deputy caught on video stealing from deceased resident's home

A California sheriff's deputy has been arrested for burglary after being caught on surveillance video taking items out of the house of a deceased resident, the Los Angeles Times reports.

The 12-year Orange County deputy, identified as Steve Hortz, broke into the home three times. On August 10 and 16, Hortz “removed items including weapon safes, ceiling fans and cases containing unknown items” from the home. He also entered the property while in uniform on July 27. It's not known if any items were taken on that day.

Holtz was arrested Thursday morning and has since been placed on administrative leave.

“The suspected criminal actions of this deputy are a violation of public trust, are inexcusable and intolerable,” Orange County Sheriff Don Barnes said in a statement Thursday. “This deputy will be held accountable through a swift and thorough process, including a full criminal and internal administrative investigation.”