CIA director ‘suppressed’ intel on Russia to avoid angering Trump: Intel officials
First Lady Melania Trump looks on as President Donald Trump receives a two-arm handshake President Vladimir Putin.

Intelligence officials are worried that CIA Director Gina Haspel is intentionally withholding information about Russian activities from the White House to avoid angering President Donald Trump.

Nine current and former intel officials tell Politico that intelligence on Russia "is being suppressed" because Trump simply does not want to hear about any nefarious activities being conducted by the Russians.

In fact, several sources said that Haspel has assigned CIA general counsel Courtney Elwood to review every piece of intelligence about Russia before it gets sent over to the White House, which these officials said was "unprecedented that a general counsel would be involved to this extent."

In fact, things have reportedly gotten so poisonous over at the CIA that one Russia specialist "quit earlier this year after Haspel accused him of lying about intelligence — an accusation that happens fairly often," Politico's sources say.

Trump's anger at hearing intelligence about Russia's efforts to interfere in American elections is well known, in the last week publicly attacked his own FBI director for saying that Russia is once again working to upend the 2020 election.