CNN airs shocking video of no social distancing and few masks at Trump rally in Nevada
Trump supporters waiting to enter a rally in Minden, Nevada (screengrab)

Trump supporters are refusing to social distance while waiting to enter a rally in Nevada and few are wearing masks, CNN reported Saturday.

"Happening right now, people packed in lines in the Reno area to see the president speak this evening, they are waiting to enter his rally which actually doesn't get underway for the next five hours or so," Ana Cabrera reported.

"This is a rally, of course, he has not cancelled or postponed despite -- not just the risk of the coronavirus spreading -- but also a local air quality alert due to the raging wildfires across much of the west right now," she reported.

"This after we learn the president has known the truth all along about just how deadly and dangerous this virus is and he's been intentionally downplaying the severity of it, he says, as his own voice revealed conversations he had with veteran journalist and author Bob Woodward," she noted.

Cabrera interviewed CNN reporter Boris Sanchez, who is in Minden, Nevada to cover the rally.

"They're chanting, they're standing very closely together," he reported. "Keep in mind they have been here for hours, already, in scorching heat."

"The campaign, when we asked them about what measures they were taking to protect these folks, gave us the standard statement that they are checking temperatures, making sure people have masks, but as you can see they're not enforcing whether people are wearing them or not," he reported. "This event, we should note, was moved from the Reno airport because officials determined that holding this event there would go against the mandate from the state of Nevada that bans gatherings of 50 people or more."