CNN's Chris Cuomo directs his opening to Trump's MAGA supporters: 'He said on tape he was going to lie to you'
CNN's Chris Cuomo (Photo: Screen capture)

CNN's Chris Cuomo addressed his opening monologue of his Wednesday show to the supporters of President Donald Trump, saying that it was clear that they were intentionally lied to.

"He went on Twitter and called people liars even though he can’t spell the damn word," said Cuomo. " He lied his ass off."

While Fox News's lead Trump adviser, Sean Hannity was blaming Joe Biden for "playing down" the virus, Cuomo told Trump's MAGA crowd that

"He pressured others to lie essentially to underplay, and worst of all, to underprepared," said Cuomo. "As a result, more of us got sick, more of us died than needed to happen. He let us get sick and die because he thought it was better for him. This isn't hearsay. I wish. It's not my opinion. I wish it were. It's not an unnamed source. It's Trump."

He then played the audio of Trump from Bob Woodward's taped recordings of his new book Rage.

"He knew it was going to get worse. He knew it was worse than the flu," said Cuomo. "He knew the numbers and he knew he was being recorded. He was talking to Bob Woodward for a new book that's coming out, that's where the tape comes from. Why would he do that? My suggestion before I get into the meat of this thing: This is the most important thing I've ever had to tell you. Its that he knows that his supporters won't give a damn, I want you to hear that. I know a lot of you watch this show. He was okay telling a reporter on tape that he was going to lie to you. At the same time, he said that to Bob Woodward. This is what he was saying to us."

Cuomo then played a clip of Trump lying about the facts.

See the video of Cuomo's opener below: