CNN's Cuomo tears into Trump for encouraging voter fraud with his 'pawn' Bill Barr
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On CNN Wednesday, anchor Chris Cuomo ripped into President Donald Trump for telling supporters to vote twice to "test" the integrity of the mail-in voting system.

"Now this president who's been carping constantly, literally months, about voter fraud without basis, floating doomsday scenarios without basis — the election's going to be rigged if you vote by mail — what's his answer?" said Cuomo. "Literally, he says the answer to secure a safe election is for Americans to try to vote twice. I kid you not."

"What is this, SNL?" said Cuomo. "Is this a movie? What system is he talking about? So vote absentee, then go to the polls to try to vote again. What do you think, all the absentee ballots are there, and they go, hold on a second? What's your name? Address? Let me see if there's an absentee ballot. There's no such system. This man is president of the United States. How can you be this obtuse? He says vote twice. You know what that's also known as? Fraud. Something he's been accused of many times and had to settle in court."

Cuomo also directed his ire at Attorney General William Barr, who in an interview earlier on CNN said he did not even know if voting twice is a felony.

"You can't be a demagogue all alone. You have to have your pawns," said Cuomo. "His attorney general happened to be on CNN not long after that and refused to verbally connect the dots ... it's a federal law. Would you like me to read it to you? I happen to have it, you can look it up. You're not allowed to vote twice. Like you need me to tell you that. Can you believe the attorney general of the United States is playing dumb about something like that, and why? Just to help his boy."

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