CNN's Daniel Dale on Trump's latest Biden attack: 'It's almost too stupid to fact check'
Jim Sciutto and Daniel Dale (CNN/screen grab)

CNN fact checker Daniel Dale argued on Tuesday that President Donald Trump's most recent claims against Democratic nominee Joe Biden are "almost too stupid to fact check."

Dale made the assertion after Trump told Fox News that Biden's campaign is run by "people in dark shadows."

"They are people you've never heard of, they are people that are on the streets," the president told Fox News host Laura Ingraham on Monday. "They are people that are controlling the streets."

"It's almost too stupid to fact check," Dale explained to CNN's Jim Sciutto. "When you have Fox's Laura Ingraham telling you it sounds like a conspiracy theory, it's probably a conspiracy theory."

"Joe Biden is his own man," he continued. "His campaign is run by Democrats, many of them conventional Democrats for many decades. And they're no shadowy figures on the streets or in dark clothing pulling Joe Biden's strings. This is another dishonest attempt by Trump to try to foment fear about a candidate who has been in the public eye for many years."

Watch the video below from CNN.